Pixie Sails

Bill and Cathy Norrie's sailing adventures, both coastal in the PNW and offshore, in "Pixie" our Bristol Channel Cutter 28.

Talkin’ About Sails

Sailing on Terrwyn for almost ten years taught us much about sails and favourite sail plans.  This is also Scupper's favourite topic of conversation so let's let him do that: Sail Plan Series: Flying the Twins

Moving Homes

Leaving Blackline Marine slip in Canoe Cove and heading to the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Victoria, B.C. Pixie has been living mostly on the hard at Blackline Marine in Canoe Cove for approximately 9 months!!  She was their pet... Continue Reading →

Pixie’s makeover (cont’d)

Pixie's stern with new gel coat and Awl-grip  paint (with primer ).  Brightwork  with 3 Cetol Natural and 2 coats of Cetol Clear.  Spit and polish brought her old bronze up  like new!  Thanks to the Blackline crew!Gammon iron is... Continue Reading →

Pixie Gets New… Everything!!

Slowly, slowly Pixie is getting dressed up and soon she will be ready to play!

Terrwyn and Pixie

It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me.  But life at sea is better. -Sir Francis Drake Choosing one's yacht is a special privilege.  A personal decision where there is no perfect choice.  Seaworthy, sea kindly, beauty, and... Continue Reading →


Log Entry: October 12, 2016 Tucking into Maple Bay Marina to escape  forecasted 50+ knot winds (Beaufort Scale =10 i.e. Storm Force Winds).  Pixie's BFF  SVCelestina (PSC 44) happily ties up in slip next to us. Below deck party ensues.... Continue Reading →

Safe From the Howling Gale

Pixie Sails

What sort of sailing adventures can two co-skipper mid-sixties circumnavigators have? That question will be answered in the words and photos that we post here.


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